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Welcome to the Jigsaw Sudoku website! At the bottom of the page you can play a 6x6 jigsaw sudoku, but first you need to know the rules of the game!

Jigsaw Sudoku Publications

If you don't already know the rules of the game, then read below and try the sample. Once you've mastered it, you'll want to know where you can play more jigsaw sudoku puzzles! Here are a couple of options for you:

- Jigsaw Sudoku Books - available to buy from Amazon, these fantastic collections of jigsaw sudoku each contain 100 puzzles!

- Jigsaw Sudoku Magazine - if you prefer to print and solve a PDF of 100 puzzles, then this is the magazine for you - and we have three issues of this popular puzzle available for you to download, print and solve at your leisure!

Jigsaw Sudoku Rules

The rules are very similar to normal sudoku. However instead of placing 1 - 9 once in each row, column and 3x3 box the box regions are replaced with squiffy regions that interlock to form the familiar square 9x9 grid. Or indeed for smaller puzzles, a 6x6 sudoku grid. There are 9 jigsaw regions containing 9 cells each in a 9x9 puzzle, and 6 in a 6x6 puzzle and so on.

Another variant of jigsaw sudoku is the 5x5 grid which is usually displayed using letters rather than numbers and may appear under the name of Logi-5.

Now have a go at the jigsaw sudoku below. Just enter 1 - 6 in each of the six rows, columns and coloured jigsaw regions such that each of these three types of region contains 1 - 6 once. So there are 18 regions in total. If you like these puzzles, then follow the links in the left hand menu to play many more Jigsaw Sudoku

Don't worry if you get stuck! Jigsaw sudoku can be hard. As with most sudoku you will generally find it gets easier and quicker to solve the more values you place. The key is to use the unusual shape of the jigsaw regions to help you solve the puzzle.